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RUN AWAY FROM THEM! I’ve been having fallacious transactions for the past times months. I contacted Stripe to inquire just about their fake protection services and if there was anything other than my manual intragroup processes to avoid frauds. They responded that they have finished everything on their side to keep off it and there was no further gay gameplay action from me to be taken. I’ve unbroken a closer look on every order and although Stripe Book of Judges minutes as safe many of them ar non. I’ve researched and spoke with the Stripe rep which security measures they submit and IT turns come out of the closet that they don’t do numerous of the monetary standard checks. This has cost me 20K and now I have AN email that I take 5 days to leave them and pick out a different payment gateway atomic number 3 my put on the line dismantle is too high. Also, 2 of those 5 days ar Sat and Sun when everyone is unreceptive and can’t serve you with anything. It’s funny story how we want to pay for their poor service.

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